"Holistic center offering massage, yoga and retreat."

At the studio you will forget your everyday life, feel new energy and connect with your true self.

Massage Therapy


Each massage session is tailored to your personal needs to relieve tension and stress, improve circulation and address aches and pains, leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed.

Massage therapy is an enjoyable, relaxing experience that can improve both your physical and mental psyche. Massage benefits include muscle relaxation, tension relief, decreased pain and swelling in joints, increased energy levels and improved sleep.

On-going professional massage therapy can have a profound effect on both the body and mind, from reducing stress relief to the alleviation of chronic pain.


Swedish Massage

– 60 minutes/90 minutes

Customized to produce the results you desire, this comprehensive Swedish massage offers your choice of several natural blended oils/creams to provide relaxation, detoxification or revitalization. Through an application of targeted, therapeutic techniques, your body will experience a profound feeling of calm with enhanced circulation along with alleviated muscle tension and stress. $60-$75

Deep Tissue – 60 minutes/90 minutes

Steady, strong pressure perfectly addresses and realigns deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to alleviate persistent pains and prior injuries, while improving a sense of relaxation. $60-$75

Thai Yoga Massage


Hot Stones ($5), Sauna ($10), Salt Scrubs($15) & Aromatherapy oils ($5)



Yoga Classes

Tuesdays -9:30am-11:00am


Wednesdays-5:30pm-7pm Kripalu Yoga


Bed & Breakfast

Retreat for a weekend getaway on the Little River. Fall asleep to the sound of flowing water or flow down the river yourself with On the Water Floyd.

Contact us to reserve a night on the river for your stay in Floyd.

Upcoming Events

Lobo Marino Concert on the River
Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

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